Leave your campsite better than you found it

Be prepared!  Is the Boy Scout motto.  The same moto applies to Succession planning.  Do you think it is purely coincidental that the word success is in this critical process?   Read full article on WABC's site […] Read More

Prepare to swim the English Channel and then drown in champaign.

Are successful executives passionate about plastic injection molding, Styrofoam, or manufacturing paper?  Not always.  But successful executives are decidedly passionate about leadership, growing a business, profitability as well as creating opportunity and value.  Read full article on WABC's site […] Read More

P&L – When Was the Last Time You Really Checked It

When was the last time you looked at the most important P&L in your business:   your People and Leaders?  Are we so focused on numbers that we lose focus on our People?  After all, the biggest expense item in a budget is usually employee salaries and bonuses paid to your leaders.   Read full… […] Read More

Leverage Your Time Using a DEAD Process

In today’s world, the power of leverage must be harnessed more than ever.  The modern executive must leverage the one resource that cannot be expanded. Ever.  That resource is time. Read Full Article on WABC's blog […] Read More

Are You Doing Things “On Purpose”?

Remember the childhood game of Twister?   The bright-colored circles invited the physical challenge of contorting to the twists of fate, according to the spinner’s direction.  Ask yourself:  is Twister your de facto model for your organization?  True, we are all subject to forces of ever-changing globalization, regulations, and other dynamics.  But are your employees’… […] Read More

Executive Coaching for Your Checked Out ‘A-Team’

Imagine a diver climbing the steps onto a high dive.  The diver, your executive leader, is ready to springboard off of the platform to make a seemingly effortless trajectory and splashless entry.   Instead, as the diver leaves the platform, what follows is a belly flop.  Why?  Your A-team executive suffers from burn-out and exhaustion… […] Read More

Executive Coaching Results: Recent Studies Show Up To 700% Return On Investment

Here at Robinson Resource Group, we know firsthand the many value add capabilities and resources we provide to our clients and partners who are currently sourcing their next career opportunities. We work with C-level professionals, many of which, at least initially, aren’t sure whether they’ll receive the return on investment that they are looking for.… […] Read More