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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is one of the most critical tools that a leadership team can leverage to secure the future of its organization; yet 90% of organizations fail to execute their strategies successfully. A solid Strategic Plan is far more than a blueprint; it’s an action plan that will enable your leadership team to work together purposefully to drive your business forward.

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Partners In Success

Throughout the Strategic Planning process, your RRG Facilitator will serve as a guide, ensuring that each required step is completed on schedule with a focus on the health and growth of your organization. The role of your Facilitator will be to provide effective leadership without taking the reins, meaning RRG’s ultimate goal is not to take control, but rather to enable exceptional collaboration while encouraging individual team members to assume leadership roles where appropriate. When a Facilitator empowers your team to function effectively, the result is a lasting ability to make high-quality decisions that will serve your organization for years to come.

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Defining the Roadmap

While each Strategic Planning process is unique in its goals and objectives, below are some of our most commonly requested agenda items:

  • Creating a Vision Statement and/or Mission Statement
  • Planning for profitability
  • Building a business canvas that includes problems/solutions, value proposition, channels, customer segments, revenue and cost, key resources, key partners, and key metrics for measuring success
  • Determining operational adjustments/changes that would be beneficial to the organization
  • Establishing annual goals and objectives with supporting strategies, tactics, and accountability
  • Setting 1-year and 3-year high-level goals
  • Completing a SWOT analysis
  • Facilitating a lifeboat exercise