Executive Coaching Results: Recent Studies Show Up To 700% Return On Investment

Here at Robinson Resource Group, we know firsthand the many value add capabilities and resources we provide to our clients and partners who are currently sourcing their next career opportunities. We work with C-level professionals, many of which, at least initially, aren’t sure whether they’ll receive the return on investment that they are looking for. We completely understand their initial concerns; that’s why, when discussing executive management ROI, we not only point to our success ratio, but also direct them to recent industry studies conducted by outside sources that have also yielded impressive results.

Several Studies Prove The Impact Executive Coaching Has On Candidates Everywhere

Studies designed to pinpoint measurable results delivered from executive management services have always been met with various forms of scrutiny. While it’s important to harvest data and information objectively, there is always a subjective (human) element when it comes to determining final results.

However, despite this subjective variable in any executive management survey conducted, it’s important to point out that that there is one undeniable component in every study that offers unwavering consistency: the results. By taking the perceived value of the services (subjective data) and subtracting the cost of executive coaching services (objective), companies running the studies were able to determine a final return on investment percentage. In virtually every study conducted, it was proven that executive coaching delivers a return on investment percentage ranging between 500%-600% and upwards to 700%!

These significant results were consistently yielded in numerous studies hosted by several prominent organizations over the last 14 years. Trusted publications such as Fortune Magazine and Chemistry Business Magazine have offered their version of this survey, as did companies such as Linkage, Inc. and International Coach Federation. Each cultivated their own data using their own internal means, and each came back with similar findings: partnering with an executive coaching team of experts delivers an average return on investment that far surpasses (up to seven times!) the fees associated with services.

Executive Partners Acknowledge Extensive Benefits Of Using Executive Coaching Services

Beyond the significant value determined by these studies, many professional candidates who have used executive coaching services have also discussed additional, long-term benefits that offer perceived value to their overall experience. After being hired at their new places of employment, many C-level leaders discussed how they used their newly acquired skills to better lead their new organizations. This list of benefits included factors such as:

  • Enhanced customer service
  • Ability to develop talent within the organization
  • Improved workplace performance, in both individual and teams
  • Upswing in revenue-generating activities

In addition to helping their teams achieve a higher level of performance, the professionals who utilized executive coaching also saw significant personal improvement as well. Noting things such as an enhanced rapport with direct reports, peers and clients, an improvement in their ability to successfully foster teamwork and increased overall job satisfaction. These C-level managers confirmed that executive management coaching truly delivers long-lasting sustain results and ultimate ROI.

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