Our certified management coaches partner with C-Suite and senior leaders to enhance their capabilities and performance. Because no two leaders are alike—and therefore no two coaching assignments are ever exactly the same—we apply our proven methodology and expertise to many industries and segments to achieve tangible results that reflect our clients’ own individual goals and circumstances.

In addition to offering one-on-one coaching sessions, RRG also helps forward-thinking organizations to put the right strategies, structures, and processes into place to develop, engage, and evaluate their talent on an ongoing basis. Investing in your current and future leaders not only boosts loyalty and retention rates, but also strengthens the effectiveness of key team members as they work to confront challenges and prepare for future opportunities.

While all of our coaching sessions are uniquely tailored to the specific needs of our clients, below you will find our most commonly requested service areas, along with examples of how to best leverage them:

Executive Coaching

Designed to develop the leadership skills and capabilities of top executives within your organization.

  • Improve a leader’s self-awareness and assist in identifying and modifying career-limiting behaviors by targeting specific areas such as interpersonal skills, critical thinking, emotional maturity/intelligence, and empathy issues
  • Integrate and assimilate an executive into your organization to allow for more immediate contributions, less mistakes, and greater job satisfaction
  • Prepare a leader for succession, horizontal movement, or changes in business climate and company culture
  • Enable an executive to face unforeseen challenges head on with the clarity and confidence necessary to achieve the best possible outcome
  • Elevate a leader’s ability to make decisions, increase peer respect, and promote greater levels of followership through the acquisition of new tools, techniques, and approaches
  • Assist a leader in building stronger and more productive relationships to increase influence and persuasiveness, ultimately, enabling him/her to drive to the achievement of critical goals

Talent Assessment & Calibration

Designed to evaluate how the talent and skill sets within your organization align with both current and future needs.

  • Analyze your leadership team prior to significant change or growth to ensure talent is properly calibrated with your organization’s long-term strategy
  • Evaluate a leadership team pre- or post-acquisition so that you have a full understanding of the executive landscape prior to making critical talent decisions
  • Identify key successors within your organization, and apply customized development plans to ensure the future success of those individuals
  • Detect critical talent gaps that must be addressed to overcome business challenges and/or accommodate future growth
  • Reduce Talent Debt to positively impact both your culture and bottom line

Leadership Team Development

Designed to enhance the strength and effectiveness of your organization’s leadership team.

  • Create a confidential forum that enables your leadership team to comfortably share ideas, thoughts, and disagreements within a safe environment that promotes open communication and trust
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your leadership team, and then provide the facilitation and the tools required to build cohesiveness, promote effective team performance, and ultimately drive positive business results

Strategic Planning & Analysis

Designed to ensure  your organization is strategically built for maximum growth and profitability.

  • Analyze and/or develop a business plan to ensure your organization has a clear, actionable, and viable strategic foundation that enables long-term success
  • Complete a workforce analysis and skill assessment to ensure you have the right talent and the right skill sets in place throughout all levels of your organization

Speaking Engagements

Designed to deliver expert insights to your leadership team or Board on various topics related to leadership, talent management, communication, and retention.

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