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Executive Coaching

Our certified management coaches partner with C-Suite and senior leaders to enhance their capabilities and performance. Because no two leaders are exactly alike—and therefore no two coaching assignments are ever exactly the same—we apply our proven methodology and expertise to many industries and segments to achieve tangible results that reflect our clients’ own individual goals and circumstances. In addition to offering one-on-one coaching sessions, RRG also helps forward-thinking organizations to put the right strategies, structures, and processes into place to develop, engage, and evaluate their talent on an ongoing basis. Investing in your current and future leaders not only boosts loyalty and retention rates, but also strengthens the effectiveness of key team members as they work to confront organizational challenges and prepare for future opportunities.

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Our Proven Approach to Executive Coaching

Introduction & Overview

Baseline Assessment

Calibration of Focus Areas

Action Plan & Practice

Feedback & Learning

Sustainable Behavior Change

Engagement Recap & Evaluation

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