2020 Economic Outlook: Expert Forecasts for a Fresh Decade

The beginning of each new year—and certainly each new decade as well—represents an ideal opportunity for company leaders to thoughtfully reflect on what strategies and tactics have been most effective to date, and what revisions could be implemented to optimize future success. But to chart an effective course forward, it’s important to assess not only… […] Read More

Talent Strategy in the Telecommuting Era: 4 Tips for Cultivating Leadership in Remote Employees

Global climate change has been a predominant topic of conversation in the news recently, and understandably so, as any significant environmental shift certainly has implications worth exploring. Applying that same consideration to the corporate world, it seems important to acknowledge the transformation occurring within today’s workplace climate, as the staggering rise in telecommuting continues to… […] Read More

Redefining the Rules: 3 Common Myths that are Impeding your Organization’s Growth

It’s no secret that the workplace has seen its fair share of changes over the past decade. Rapidly-evolving technologies continue to alter nearly every aspect of the way business is conducted. The traditional nine-to-five, in-office workday has been shaken up by modern benefits including flex hours and remote work options. Mobile devices are contributing to… […] Read More

Prepare for Impact: 4 Guiding Questions when Choosing a Corporate Cause

Just last month, RRG hosted our third annual HIRE Education event—a free workshop focused on providing college-aged students with actionable advice for successfully jumpstarting their careers. We are fortunate in that this growing initiative stemmed organically from a passion point, but it got us thinking (and others asking)—how is it that a socially-motivated organization finds… […] Read More

2019 Economic Outlook: Expert Predictions in an Uncertain Time

EVENT DETAILS Wednesday, January 16, 2019; Hyatt Regency Chicago Speakers: Diane Swonk; Chief Economist, Grant Thornton LLP Bob Froehlich; Owner, Kane County Cougars Baseball Club and Former Vice Chair, Deutsche Bank Jack Ablin; Chief Investment Officer, Cresset Wealth Advisors Moderator: Terry Savage, Nationally Syndicated Columnist, Terry Savage Productions EVENT OVERVIEW When key experts gathered on… […] Read More

Planning for Productivity: 4 Unsuspected Pitfalls to Combat for a Successful 2019

With the holiday season upon us, and the year beginning to wind down, many business leaders are shifting their focus not only to finalizing their 2019 strategic plans, but also to determining their own personal and professional aspirations for the coming year. In establishing goals, many executives will understandably look to their strengths first, seeking… […] Read More